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Our vision is to provide you a better and continuous service to overcome all your requirements.

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About Us

S&S Group is a technicaly advanced IT solution team which provides you a better and continuous service.

What We Do

S&S Group provides wide range of services including Technological services, Educational services, Artistic services, Mobile services, Communicational services, Social services & etc. Our aim is to provide a better service to the customers as they wish. Therefore all services are cheaper, accurate, save your time and available when it is needed.

We provide you a great opportunity to join with us as individually or as a group to serve millions of customers all around the world. Simply send us an email including your contact details and specified areas of skills. Then you will receive our projects and you will be paid online for completed works instantly. Designers, Developers, Creative writers, Typesetters & entrepreneurs can join with us.

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The best computer services

We are providing more additional services including type setting, graphic designing, presentation designing, article writing, tuition classes, Artistic works in addition to web & software developing.


Information regarding our recent projects, services, products & publications are posted here.

News Item 01

The book "Eliwaten Eha"

We have designed & printed a poetry written by Mr.KWDS Sirikumara who is the owner of S&S Group.
Click here to go to the "Eliwaten Eha" facebook page.

Posted: 20.10.2015
News Item 02

Web developing project for "Sanasa"

We have launched our new web developing project to establish a great website for Sanasa socities with annual maintenance.
Visit it and have a look around.
Click here to go to sample website.

Posted: 10.06.2016
News Item 03

Website of Kalana Ranga Theater Crew

We have designed a PHP website for the above club to gather user informations and publish their works.
Click here to go to the website.
Click here to go to facebook page.

Posted: 05.11.2015

S&S Group

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